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by | May 25, 2023

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Young Boy in the air above a trampoline

Do you super bounce or steal bounce?

Let me explain:

We recently set up our trampoline, having made it through another Canadian winter. As soon as it’s set back up my young boys want me to do one thing and one thing only. They ask incessantly until they get it.

“Daddy SUPER BOUNCE us!”

For those unfamiliar with trampolines and the terminology, this is done by timing your bounce properly with another’s making it so they launch sky high into the air, way higher than they ever could have went on their own. The opposite is also possible with an ever slight shift in timing.

This is called stealing bounce and makes it so you go higher at another’s expense, making it so they can barely get their feet off the trampoline no matter how hard they try.

In life, being super bounced is to be infused with positive energy like encouragement, passion, purpose, optimism, and love. With those elements at play you feel like you’re soaring, you’re free, you’re in the flow, you’re unstoppable.

Having your bounce stolen happens through negative energy like ego and pride, discouragement, pessimism, fear, and hate. You feel stuck, heavy, lost, and discouraged. The world is one big trampoline. It is made up of two kinds of people; super bouncers and bounce stealers. Three main things make up your “timing” to determine which one you will be.

1) Gratitude vs. Complaining

Few things can lift others better and higher than you carrying an attitude of gratitude through life. It will come out in all your conversations, each of your steps will have a little extra “bounce” to them that others will notice and feel whether you’re thinking about it or not.

Complaining on the other hand is great way to keep yourself and everybody around you completely stuck in a low and bounce-less state. This too will come out in all of your interactions, often without even noticing that it has become your main conversation starter:

“Hey so and so, how are you doing today?”

“I’d be good if it wasn’t for this back pain”

“I’d be better if I lived in the Caribbean”

“Besides the fact that I just dropped my car off at the mechanic and I’m sure it’s gonna cost thousands, I’m doing great”

These people think they’re making conversation. All they’re really doing is stealing bounce. They feel a bit better by complaining about something but everyone else feels worse from having to listen to it.

2) Action vs. Excuses

Your positive actions that you take to benefit your own life often have the side benefit of super bouncing others. Few things are more encouraging than witnessing others go for their dreams. They took that trip. They started that business. They whipped some bad habits and got in shape. Others doing this helps us believe that we can do it too.

Unless of course you’re a bounce stealer. Then the positive actions of others just give you reason to be jealous, resentful, envious, and to tell yourself more fake stories to support your favourite excuses. They do the work to lose the 50 pounds and when you see them you remark at how skinny and gaunt their face looks now. A person tells you that they saved for two years and have now booked a bucket list trip, they’re achieving a lifetime dream and you tell them that it sounds like a waste of money and “who would ever want to go there?”. This helps the bounce stealers feel better about themselves and their shortcomings temporarily, but it will never last which is why they stay in the cycle of having to find new victims to keep down through their passive aggressive comments. What a tiring way to live.

3) Optimism vs. Fear

Optimism is the magic ingredient for taking others higher. To have a spirit of optimism is to have a belief in a positive future, for yourself, the world, and those around you. It’s a belief that you can do it and if you can then so can others. It’s to see that opportunities are unlimited. Whether it’s to make more money, lower your golf handicap, or learn that skill, you can do it. You wake up excited about the day. You can’t wait to get going. This energy will always be infectious to anyone you touch and what will be the result? That’s right, they get to bounce a little bit higher now that they’ve had contact with you.

The bounce stealers on the other hand operate out of fear. They are constantly afraid. They don’t know anything different. The child of constantly fearing the future is worry. Worriers are bounce stealers. They can’t wait to tell you what they just heard on the news or read online about what is coming down the pipeline. How the world is falling apart. Recessions, inflation, interest rates, stabbings, muggings, and murders. They can bounce a little bit higher by offloading all of this. They feel a little bit better temporarily. Until it wears off and they need to find their next victim. Meanwhile the victims feel like going and hiding in a closet for a few days.

They walk away asking themselves why they should even try in life if it’s all going to crap anyways. When you load up on worry and fear you just can’t help but find ways to give it away to others. It’s a bounce stealing move. What’s inside of us always comes out.

2 Main Qualities of a Super Bouncer

Two main qualities of super bouncers are:

  1. They give more than they take
  2. They leave people better than they found them

They know their turn will come. By focusing on bouncing others higher, others will come around and make an effort to bounce them higher. Whereas the bounce stealers have to continually find new victims. They can be lifted temporarily at the expense of others…until they can’t find anyone to get on the trampoline with them at all that is.

It’s All About Timing

You and only you control the timing of your bounce. Your timing is determined by your attitude and beliefs which filter into your words and actions. Anyone can become a super bouncer. Slight changes to your habits and thoughts can make a world of difference. The difference is in the books you read, the shows you watch, the places you hang out. It’s in everything that you put into your mind. Just like that half second of timing completely changes the effect it has on those on the trampoline with you, making a few different choices can completely transform the impact you have on others.

You can take people higher or keep them down.

You can make people feel encouraged or afraid.

You can bring value to everyone around you or rob them.

You’re taking people one way or another every day whether you know it or not.

The world is a big trampoline. How’s your timing?

Matt Mantai, Author

Matt Mantai

Matt has been consistently strength training for over 25 years and has been a fitness professional since 2011. ARMOURY Fitness & Performance represents all he has learned in the principles of strength training, coaching, and personal development over that time. He lives to see others transform by the power of strength training, and his passion only continues to grow with each passing day. He lives in Didsbury with his wife, Fayth, and two sons, Uriah & Ezrah.

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