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Helping you get stronger

Coach Matt Mantai correcting a student's form while she uses the trapbar

Our System

Improving Your Physical Strength to reach your fullest potential

“I’m tired of being tired, I want more energy.” Get stronger.
“I want to feel better in my clothes.” Get stronger.
“I don’t want to be out of breath climbing a few flights of stairs.” Get stronger.
“I want to be able to keep up with my kids or grandkids.” Get stronger.
“I want to combat my anxiety and improve my mental health.” Get stronger.
“I want to squeeze every last drop out of life.” Get stronger.
“I want to see what the best version of me is capable of.” Get stronger.

Every area of your life will benefit from becoming a stronger version of yourself.

We take everyday people and make them fall in love with the process of strength training.

Helping you get stronger!

The Power of Community + Coaching

Our Program

At ARMOURY Fitness & Performance we use the double edged sword of both Foundational Strength Training (max 16 people) and Team Personal Training (max 8 people) to deliver the best service possible. It is the combination of BOTH training formats that makes up our ARMOURY Signature Strength System.

Foundational Strength Training (FST)

Max class size of 16 people, done in a strength circuit style of training, 1 coach per 16 people. Focused on continually improving on the basics of strength training.

Team Personal Training at Armoury Fitness

Team Personal Training (TPT)

Max class size of 8 people, done in a partner based, team style of training, 1 coach per 8 people. More intimate coaching to help supercharge your results!

1-on-1 Personal Training student with coach

Semi-Private Personal Training (SPPT)

Max class size of 4 people, only for those who want the most intimate coaching experience. Head Coach Matt will design a program specifically for each student, based on their individual needs, goals, training experience, etc. This is not a group or class environment. There may be other clients in the facility, but each is being guided through their own program in a 1-on-1 style of coaching.

What if I can’t attend in person?

Consider Online Training (1-on-1)

Available in limited quantity, our 1-on-1 is available to those who are unable to attend classes at the physical facility. Experience the power of the ARMOURY system from anywhere with limited equipment!

Our Values

We’re Not For Everyone

This is a place for those who are done looking for shortcuts. They want to experience lasting change with how they look & feel and know this doesn’t happen overnight.


Work Hard

It’s going to take work. It’s not going to be easy or convenient. Convenience is the enemy of consistency and results. We lift weights here. They will never feel light, it will always be challenging. Where there is no challenge there is no change. Our members understand and embrace this concept.

Are you up for a challenge?



It takes commitment to fully leverage the endless benefits of strength training. Doing it every now and then or “when you feel like it” is not going to get you the results you seek. We believe in a lifestyle of strength training 3-5x/week. This is what it’s going to take to get you results that can change your life forever.

Are you willing to commit?


Be Willing to Change

Members of the ARMOURY are seeking change. They are looking to improve and progress in every area of life. They are not arguing for their limitations and excuses any longer. They are choosing to believe in themselves and their limitless potential. We are here to support you in this and guide you to achieving more than you ever thought possible.

Are you willing to embrace change to create the life and body you desire?

With Strength Training

You Can Get Stronger

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