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Strength is the Way – The Obstacle is the Path – Magic is the Mission

Coaches Joanne (left) and Matt (right) standing back to back with their arms crossed

Behind the Name

Why The Armoury 

An armoury is where weapons and ammunition are kept before and during battle.

Likewise, ARMOURY Fitness & Performance is where you come to get the ammunition and tools necessary to prepare for life’s battles and challenges.

We believe, “Strength is the Way”.

A lifestyle focused on continually gaining physical strength is the way to unlocking your fullest potential in fitness and in life.

Your Coaches

The Armoury Team

Head Coach Matt Mantai

Matt Mantai

Head Coach

Matt has been consistently strength training for over 25 years and has been a fitness professional since 2011. ARMOURY Fitness & Performance represents all he has learned in the principles of strength training, coaching, and personal development over that time. He lives to see others transform by the power of strength training, and his passion only continues to grow with each passing day. He lives in Didsbury with his wife, Fayth, and two sons, Uriah & Ezrah.



Joanne discovered her passion for strength training when she was nearly 50 years old. It has completely transformed her physique and helped her combat the challenges of chronic pain and injury but she didn’t stop there! She took her passion to the next level in 2018 when she became a certified personal trainer and started strength coaching. She has complimented that by becoming a certified Precision Nutrition coach. Never short on enthusiasm, she’s excited for the opportunity to leverage her knowledge and passion to help others achieve the transformation that they are after. She lives east of Didsbury with her husband Gary and is the proud mother of three daughters, Kyla, Stacy, & Dani.
Coach Joanne

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