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Strength is the Way

Strength is the way to vibrant health, more energy, increased confidence and so much more. Physical strength is the foundation of a full life. At ARMOURY Fitness & Performance, we show you how to build it.

Matt Mantai, Head Coach
We provide busy parents & professionals with lifestyle support and quick, effective strength training workouts so they can live strong, fit, and healthy.

Our System

The Power of Community + Coaching

The odds of your success increase substantially when surrounded by a positive community of people led by passionate and knowledgeable coaches. The class-based, coach led, ARMOURY system leverages both of these factors to deliver the results and success you seek.

Team Personal Training

Strength Training in Didsbury

The ARMOURY is a world-class facility with a proven track record of delivering TRANSFORMATION in the lives of it’s members. We believe in the continuous repetition and mastery of the basics for developing strength safely.

Online Training with Matt Mantai

Strength Training at Home

Live too far away or have a schedule that doesn’t allow you to attend classes at our physical location? Leverage the unique opportunity to unleash the power of the ARMOURY system from your home in a 1-on-1 online coaching format.

Self Improvement Course

Online Self Improvment Course

Find Your Chickens

Elevate the results in your life, increase your impact, and reach for your fullest potential by learning of the key ingredient for success in this 90 minute online workshop.

"The funkiest goal setting course in the world"

The Armoury Benefits

Strength training is the master key for transformation and at ARMOURY we pride ourselves in giving you that key.


Get Stronger Physically

Have the strength and energy to chase your kids (or grandkids!), scale mountains, and pursue your dreams. Leverage the ARMOURY system to become as strong, fit, and healthy as possible so you can live your life UNLIMITED.


Improve Mental Health

Come to the ARMOURY to get the ammunition you need to take on life’s challenges. Combat the stresses of life and improve your mental health through consistent strength training. 


Look & Feel Better

Feel more energetic, positive, & confident as you take strides to live strong, fit, & healthy.

Group Photos

What Others are Saying


Don’t take our word from it, hear from our students.

I watched my mom go from climbing mountains to having to take medication to go to the bathroom. I swore I wouldn’t walk that path, so when I started losing muscle & strength I freaked out. That’s when I joined up with Matt & Jo and have gotten stronger than I’ve ever been. I also want to inspire my grandkids to live a healthier lifestyle and feel I’m succeeding.


Motivation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes special individuals who show up for you and be there for you, and guide you into being the very best version of yourself.

Matt has done this flawlessly for me personally. I never thought I could feel strong in my body and even stronger in my mind. I’m a whole different person thanks to Matt and his incredible team plus the awesome, supportive community he has created.


The positive attitude and direction from coaches at the ARMOURY have really helped me to improve my physical and mental health. Working around the farm I was starting to have more back pain and soreness from the labour intensive jobs, which has now been eliminated since improving my strength. Overall, I have more energy to do more fun things with my kids and to enjoy the business I’m in.

Celebrate Our

Transformation Stories

“I no longer hide from photos and I’m not afraid of my scale. Thank you Armoury Fitness and Performance!”
~ Martina

Martina & Dolu flexing wearing Armoury tank tops

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Be entertained, educated, and learn how to better achieve results (while having a laugh or two) by digging into the ARMOURY blog!

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